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Evo Race Factory have introduced their all-new ER-20 body designed for 1/10 scale formula cars. The Italian company is based in the legendary Maranello and has done a really great job on this new body that features a low and pretty wide nose design for improved front downforce. The ER-20 got a long engine cover good straight line stability at high speeds.

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Fenix: Classic Team Lotus 78 body for Tamiya F103 - F104

After the Lotus 49, Fenix Racing is releasing their new, fully-licensed Classic Team Lotus 78 high-quality polycarbonate body for Tamiya F103 and F104 chassis. The Lotus 78, in the iconic black and golden livery, was used during the 1977 and 1978 Formula 1 seasons and was the first to use the ground effect technology.

According the legend, when the Lotus 78 model went to the wind tunnel Tony Rudd told to Colin ChapmanThe Mosquito Flies!”.

In 1977 Team Lotus was coming from the “Colin’s Confus-a-car”, aka Lotus 77, which was born with far too many variables to be really competitive and, on top of that, they were still struggling for a solution to compete with flat 12 cylinders coming from Italy…

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F21 Low Profile Formula Tyres

Sweep Racing has released the all new F21 Low Profile Formula Tyres based 2021 real Formula 1 tyre rules. The F21 F1 tyres has been designed to meet the real Formula 1 tyre rules as front 270mm and rear 405mm and bring it to F1 R/C racing to make it more realistic. Front 27mm narrow and rear 40mm width tyres are fitting perfect with new inch-up size front and rear wheels.

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March 761

Vintage Formula 1 enthusiasts will be happy to know that the Italian Fenix Racing has presented the new Formula 1 March 761 body shell, an official replica of the original car produced by the British company March Engineering in the mid-seventies.

The body was presented during the ETS final and includes lots of engine and rear suspension detail. The March 761 body is transparent and fits the Fenix Racing Classique, Tamiya F103 and F104 kits and as well most of today’s formula chassis.

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Classic Team Lotus 49

The Italian brand Fenix Racing presented the new Classic Team Lotus 49 body shell for their Classique Pan Car kit. The body is made utilizing the original drawings with the approval of the Classic Team Lotus, run by Colin Chapman’s son. 

The highly distinctive sleek and smooth lines were recreated with a challenging lexan mold build using both 3D cad technologies and manual craftsmanship, giving a race-worthy reproduction of the Classic Team Lotus 49.

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The Italian brand Mon-Tech Racing in collaboration with A-Paint has announced few new versions of the F94 body shell  for 1/10th Scale formula one models. This body is designed to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the death of Ayrton Senna and will be sold already painted with decals applied. Below you can see other colors of the same body that will be available soon.

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