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Radical MOD

Performa Racing has presented a new Radical MOD brushless motors line suitable for 1/8th Scale Buggies, SCT and on-road cars. The motor is available in three different versions 1900, 2100 and 2500kv. All of them features the brand new Radical Sensor System, composed of a separate magnetic ring featuring 4 magnets for sending precise and accurate rotor location to the controller.

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GEN 2 V8

Reds Racing presented their new GEN 2 V8 1/8th Scale Brushless Motors (2350 KV and 2800KV). The new models have been developed together with REDS Team drivers to guarantee the highest performance and latest technology. The GEN 2 V8 are specifically designed 1/8th off-road and on-road motors to provide power, smoothness and control in combination with high efficiency and a low temperature operation.

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Hobbywing presented three new EzRun sensorless brushless motors for 1/6 and 1/5 Scale Cars. The motors are compatible with the Max6 and Max5 speed controllers and, depending on the model, with LiPo 8S and 6S battery packs. They are also equipped with a temperature sensor with a system that prevents overheating and consequently damage.

All three engines use an aluminum cans made with CNC machines with steel lamination, heat-resistant double-insulation windings, steel shafts and high-quality ball bearings produced in Japan.

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X8 Pro V2

SkyRC released the new brushless motor X8 Pro V2, an updated version of X8 Pro, which adds an “adjustable timing” function. This brushless motor is designed for 1/8th scale competition buggy and uses a 5mm shaft, 12-slot stator and 4-pole rotor. The motor supports sensorless and sensored Speed Controller and it is available in 2150kV and 2350kV variants.

By rotating the endbell you set up the timing marks. Torque and efficiency can be changed to reach the best performance. Increasing timing increases rpm and motor temps, but decreases torque efficiency and runtime.

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Yokomo DX1

Following the mid-October announcementYokomo released the first images of the new Drift performance DX1 Brushless Motors.

The DX1 motors line has two models, the DX1R with an output characteristic suitable for high grip surface, and the DX1T, a torque version that maximizes traction performance on low grip surface. The stator and coil are completely different from the two versions and offer very different characteristic.

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 Fantom Racing: Icon Brushless Motors

Fantom Racing announced the all new Icon series of elite racing motors 100% designed in the USA. Professionally built to our strict standards, which includes: the rotor properly shimmed, complete evaluation of coils, rotor strength, asymmetry, and sensor board deviation to match our strict tolerances.

The timing of the Icon motors is also set to our recommended setting for your application or you can choose a custom setting.

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