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We are happy to see that even in the middle of the covid19 pandemia there are companies announcing new projets. Modelix Racing just revealed their new RC PARTS brand that will feature a wide selection of radio control products with a value for money that is hard to beat.

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Modelix: M3X V2.0 Ceramic nitro engine

Modelix Racing has released  their new  3 port .21 Off-Road Ultimate M3X V2.0 Ceramic Competition Engine. Like its predecessor, the V2.0 is made by the prestigious Japanese O.S. Engines brand and it’s based on their square stroke Speed B21 Ty Tessmann II edition engine.

This engine has been specifically designed for maximum power, performance and tuneability. With this engine you will have a great and super smooth linear power from low to high RPM. The carburetor, crankcase and crankshaft have been developed to improve fuel consumption.

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M5 Tuned V2.0

Modelix Racing has presented their new Ultimate M5 Tuned V2.0 Nitro Engine for 1/8th Scale buggies and trucks. The M5 V2.0 is a 5 port engine with long-stroke and tuned crankshaft configured for all those drivers who look for a powerful and linear engine with good power at both low and high R.P.M.

The 5 port sleeve creates a linear power output and keeps fuel consumption low. The tuned crankshaft is manufactured with a larger bore intake to increase the mixture flow, and has a special shape to optimize gas-flow in the engine.

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Modelix: Ultimate Racing battery checker

The Spanish company Modelix just released the Ultimate Racing Battery Checker for 2S to 8S Lithium and Nickel batteries. With this battery checker in your toolbox, you’ll never have to question the condition of your batteries ever again. The Ultimate Racing Battery Checker can show you the condition of your battery packs and is compatible with almost every battery used for RC models.

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Ultimate Racing M3X Off-Road Engine

Modelix Racing have released the new, OS based, 3 port .21 Off-Road M3X Competition engine by Ultimate Racing designed by the O.S team of engineers. The engine incorporates the following “Made in Japan” high precision steel rear bearing (that ensure high idle stability, longer life and low friction at high temperatures) and balanced crankshaft with tungsten weight and silicone filling.

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