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Spec6 190mm Touring car

Protoform have introduced the new Spec6 190mm touring car Clear Body. The Spec6 provides an ultra-smooth, high-corner speed feel, especially in lower-power classes with handout motors.

The body increased flat surface area behind each wheel opening to allow for more forward mounting. This is made easier with the added Mounting Marks scribed into each wheel opening in 2mm increments.

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Are you a racing touring car driver? If so, PROTOform has just unveiled the new D9 190mm Electric TC 1/10th Scale Racing Body. Developed through extensive testing, the D9 features smooth, easy-to-drive handling characteristics for achieving maximum consistency in your lap times.

The body is available in lightweight and PRO-lite weight versions. Included in the box is a PROTOform decal sheet, window masks, overspray film and wing mounting hardware.

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Vulcan Wide Pro10

Protoform has just unveiled the new Vulcan Wide Pro10 Pan Cars Body Shell. The body is the successor of Swift-235 Pro-10 and has a large center fin added for increased stability and cornering speed on larger outdoor tracks.

To tune your aero balance, an add-on adjustable gurney flap is included, and recessed areas at the top of the side dams will allow for flush-fitting vertical side dam extensions (not included).

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