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Protoform 2023 Nissan Z Vendetta and Infraction Body

The 2023 Nissan Z is one of the most highly anticipated sports cars of 2022 and PROTOform decided to make a 1:8 scale replica rendition for ARRMA’s Vendetta & Infraction 570 MEGA. The new Z features classic sports car proportions of a long hood and a short rear deck. Combined with iconic Z styling elements, it creates a design that is completely modern, yet immediately identifiable as a Nissan Z.

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Protoform have introduced this 2021 Ford Mustang GT body for the Arrma Vendetta & Infraction 570 Mega. This new body is formed from durable 1mm thick high-quality polycarbonate with paint-then-peel overspray film, and it also includes a detailed decal sheet and wing mounting hardware.

Protoform’s designers declared: “When the 3S line of ARRMA Street Bash line vehicles was announced, we knew we had to bring some American Muscle styling to what is sure to be a very popular 70mph+ platform. What better model to do that with than the legendary Ford® Mustang nameplate?”

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Protoform: 1967 Dodge Dart VTA Body

This year PROTOform celebrates its own 30th anniversary. In 1991 former GM employee Dale Epp began considering his next career move. Little did he know that a casual stroll into a local magazine shop would change his life forever. After flipping through the pages of an RC Car Action magazine, Dale came across a few colorful photos showing 1/10th scale cars. That moment inspired Dale to market his God-given design skills of style, realism and aerodynamics to the RC industry.

The latest body released by this US brand is a celebration of the glory days of American road racing: the 1967 Dodge Dart.

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Protoform: Chevrolet Corvette C8 Clear Body for GT12

PROTOform has released a perfect replica of the Chevrolet Corvette C8 body for 1:12 pan cars built with the latest in 3D CAD and 5-axis milling technology. This officially licensed body is perfectly suited for GT12 class racing and features all the exceptional details of its 1:1 counterpart (like the aggressive cab forward design, striking front splitter, and sculpted side doors and vents).

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 PROTOform: Chevrolet Corvette C8 Body

PROTOform has revealed the Corvette C8 body for 190mm touring cars. From the moment rumors surfaced that Chevrolet was going to reinvent the legendary Corvette into a mid-engine supercar, the brand’s designers were waiting with bated breath to see what our future USGT body would look like.

This body is perfectly suited for USGT class racing. All the exceptional details of its 1:1 counterpart including aggressive cab forward design, striking front splitter, and sculpted side doors and vents are captured using the latest in 3D CAD and 5-axis milling technology.

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PROTOform revealed the Vittoria GT: a new 190mm race body option for touring car racers in scale-spec style classes such as USGT, GT10 or Spec Grand Touring.
“Vittoria” is the Italian word for “victory”!
This new body takes inspiration from a new wave of Italian hypercars, featuring a low-CG, cab-forward design sure to provide exceptional handling characteristics while also looking stunning on the track.

PROTOform: Vittoria GT 190mm Clear Body

The rear wing of the Vittoria GT body features two trimlines: a lower 10mm tall line for USGT-sanctioned racing, and a taller cut line for no-holds-barred club racing where extra rear downforce is needed.

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PROTOform has presented their new Hyper-SS body shell for 1/8th GT Class. When IFMAR announced the first-ever 1/8th GT Worlds with a new set of Global Body Spec rules, PROTOform set out to design a new body that was not only fast, but also relevant to the 1:1 racing era that is here & now.

In the past, GT8 cars they have always featured cab-forward sports-car style bodies. But in recent years, the rapid advancement of the full-scale GT cars has evolved into the Supercar, and then more recently into the Hypercar that will be featured in the premier class at the Le Mans 24h in 2020. The interest level when these cars hit the track next rear will be off-the-charts.

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