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Team Shepherd- Velox V82

Team Shepherd has revealed the Velox V8.2. This new racing 1/8 scale nitro car is based on the World and European Championship winning Velox V8 “WC” platform and is characterized by the use of high quality materials as well as precise manufacturing.

The brand new chassis of this nitro racer got improved flex characteristics and the optional carbon fiber inserts allows for better aerodynamics through a closed underbody. Pronounced chamfering gives even more room for chassis movement on fast cornering and the smaller battery holder fits logically into the lines of the vehicle.

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Shepherd: Velox V8.2 CAD images

Shepherd has finally revealed detailed CAD images and details of the NEW Velox V8.2. The biggest changes of the model can be spotted at front end which was completely redesigned to add more setup possibilities without sacrificing the well proven geometry. The new lower wishbones can be mounted in 3 different position to adjust the arm length while the overall wheelbase can be changed by 2mm.

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  Shepherd- Velox V10 Nineteen 200mm nitro on-road kit

A month ago Shepherd released the “Nineteen” conversion kit for the Velox V10 touring car and today announced the full Nineteen specification car kit.

The Shepherd Velox V10 ‘Nineteen’ is the latest development of the V10 platform and has already proven its capabilities by taking the third place with a pre-production version at the recent IFMAR 200mm Worlds in Miami, Florida is the hands of Edu Escandón.

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