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Traxxas: Mustang GT 4-Tec 2.0 in new colors

For over 45 years, the Mustang has outsold every other sports car in America and became a true icon of the automotive industry. Sleek, unmistakable body lines cut through the air with authority while a thoroughly modern chassis keeps the Mustang planted in the curves. Add a massively powerful 5.0L V8 engine and you have the recipe for an American legend.

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Big Drop RUSTLER 4×4 VXL

If you are missing your bashing sessions, Traxxas posted a new video called “The Big Drop” that features the Rustler 4X4 VXL. The truck keeps its weight low and centered with a modular semi-monocoque chassis that’s both strong and easy to maintain

There are jumps and then there are JUMPS. Standard jumps are something you set up in your backyard with some cinder blocks and a plank of wood. The kind of jumps we’re talking about, on a wicked hillside BMX course, require high horsepower, sure-footed traction and serious driving skills!

Check the “Big Drop” video below!

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Traxxas - trx4 bronco

If you are stuck home because the Coronavirus you can still enjoy this new video with featuring the Traxxas’s TRX4 Bronco heading to the sunny hills outside Las Vegas. From mud bogs to desert trails, this scaler claws its way over obstacles thanks to its high-clearance portal axles and sticky S1 compound Canyon Trail tires.

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Are you looking for fun activities while you Social Distance or maybe you are stuck like me in a lockdown? In an effort to help people enjoy free time Traxxas has released a bunch of coloring pages that can be freely downloaded and printed out. Pages range from kid-friendly outlines to detailed diagrams for kids and adults alike.

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Traxxas: Sledgehammer Tires for Rustler 4X4

The “coronapocalypse” is not stopping the RC world and companies keep pumping new products into the market. Traxxas Rustler 4X4 captures the speed and classic style of the original Rustler and infuses it with increased durability and monstrous 4-wheel drive grip. Now there’s an option for even more mud-slinging fun: the Sledgehammer tires that provide extreme traction on a variety of off-road terrain.

Check the video below!

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Traxxas Maxx

Our friends at Velocity RC Cars magazine have posted the Traxxas Maxx review (that is featured in Issue #39 of VRC Mag and don’t forget that you can subscribe for just $9.99).

Last year Traxxas has introduced this monster truck that is a smaller version of the X-Maxx 1/8th Scale truck. With a new Maxx platform that is smaller and lighter, Traxxas engineers took the speed to 95+ km/h, tuned it for even higher performance and durability.

Check the video review below!

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Traxxas: TRX4 Traxx Deep-Terrain Treads - VIDEO

Traxxas just released a video featuring the new Deep-Terrain Treads that extend the all-terrain dominance of all the TRX-4 models equipped with Traxx to extreme surface conditions like deep snow, sand, and mud. The purposefully-engineered treads dig deep and pack into loose surfaces for maximum bite to power through the most challenging conditions like deep snow and fine sand.

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