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EFRA cancellation

Sadly, due to the Covid19 pandemic, the EFRA has announced the cancellation of all European Championships for 2020. Following the cancellations of the 1/10th Nitro Touring, Large Scale On-road and Off-road, the Nitro Buggy and IC Track Euros, today the European Federation of Radio Operated Model Automobiles announced that also the 2020 40+ IC Track and 40+ 1/8th Off-road events will not take place this year.

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EFRA 1/12th Track Euros 2020: Finals Report

In the Modified class of the EFRA 1/12th Track Euros 2020, Alexander Hagberg started his quest for a seventh consecutive European championship title in his favourite class by immediately pulling a gap over Ollie Payne and then clicked off the laps unchallenged to take the leg one from Ollie with Joern Neumann having a lonely run to third.

Leg two was a repeat of leg one at the very front, with Ollie just unable to challenge Alex, the two both capable of lapping at the same speed but Alex looking a little more comfortable at 100%.

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Today it’s finals Day in Sittard for the EFRA 1/12th Track Euros 2020: 3 Legged Mains for both Spec and Modified championships! Thhanks to our friends at RC Racing TV we can follow the live streaming from our house and safe from the corona virus!

EFRA: 2019 European Championship 1/8th Electric Off Road - Barcellona

Today was finals day of the 2019 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 1/8th ELECTRIC OFF ROAD that has been held in Barcellona (Spain). The young Italian driver Davide Ongaro (Associated/LRP) is the new European Champion 1/8 Electric Off-road after winning the A2 that you can watch on the next video. It’s been an easier race than A1 for Ongaro due to David Ronnealk’s mistakes. Behind them tghe local driver Juan Carlos Canas.

Check the video below of the 2019 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 1/8th ELECTRIC OFF ROAD.

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EFRA 1/10th IC Track Euros 2019: Dominic Greiner is the new champion!

The EFRA 1 / 10th IC Track Euros have just ended. These championships have been held in Germany at Mini Car Club. After conquering the Pole Dominic Greiner became the new European champion driving his Serpent Natrix 750.

Behind Dominic Greiner in second place and in third place are the two Italian RC legends Dario Balestri and Francesco Tironi respectively.

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