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X5 series servo

MKS announced the new X5 line of servos (basically offering variations of the X6 line at a more affordable price). The line includes the HBL550 which is the standard servo size for 1/8th scale cars (and trucks and even some 10th scale applications that require more power) and the HBL550LX, which is a “shorty” servo, perfect for most 1/10th scale buggy and touring car applications.

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Reedy HV Digital Brushless Servos

Team Associated presented the new Reedy HV Digital Brushless Servos line for competition-level RC cars and trucks. Their brushless motors create a powerful torque and speed while an advanced microprocessor provides precision vehicle control.

The servos uses a gear set designed for strength and durability and an aluminum mid-case to reduces temperatures. High voltage compatibility and multiple configurations make Reedy’s HV Digital Brushless Servos perfect for a large variety of racing classes.

Below the spec of the four models with dimensions, weight, torque and speed at 6 and 7.4V.

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SRT, which specializes in servo production, launched their newest product for 2019: W25, a High Voltage waterproof servo for 10th Scale RC crawler. With whole-metal CNC technology, high precision 7075 aluminum and copper gear set, and excellent waterproof design, W25 is a technical innovation for RC crawler.

The servo has a torque of 25KG, 0.14 sec/60 degrees speed with a 7.4V voltage.


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HRC Racing has launched their all-new 68123MG servo. This servo has been especially designed for use in Crawlers and Trucks. It features metal gears, double ball bearings and heavy duty servo horns. The HRC 68123MG has an ultra high torque with 23 kg-cm @ 6.0V with a speed of 0.14s/60°.

A metal gear train ensures durability and the black composite Nylon Fiber case keeps the weight down. View a list of the specifications below.

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Futaba has started the distribution of three new HPBLS High Voltage S.Bus2 servos for radio controlled helicopters and airplanes. All three have a high response speed, torque and are compatible with gyroscopes.

The servos can use a separate power supply and are not designed to use BEC. Below the features with dimensions, speed and torque at different compatible voltages.

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High-Torque waterproof servos

Traxxas has just introduced two new High-Torque waterproof servos: the 2250 coreless (0.19s-24kg/cm) and the 2255 brushless (0.15s-29kg/cm). Both of them utilize full metal gears, dual ball bearings, and an aluminum center section for added heat dissipation.

Traxxas High-Torque servos are completely waterproof to give you the freedom to run when you want, where you want. Power through streams and bogs without fear while trucks with “water resistant” servos are stuck on the sidelines.

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