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HiTec D956WP

Hitec has presented the new High-Torque servo D956WP. Based off the D954SW, this IP-67 rated version is the true waterproof, dust resistant upgrade for 1/10th Scale Rock Crawlers and Off-Road Trucks.

As the entire “D” line, this technologically-advanced servo is powered by 32-bit Microcontroller Unit and 12-bit Analog to Digital Converter and a Smart Sense engineering with rapid, high resolution response. The HiTec D956WP produces up 29kg/cm of torque at a speed of 0.12s and uses durable steel gears, dual ball bearing and hardened steel output shaft.

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PL-6213 HV High Voltage Digital Servo

Are you looking for a servo to upgrade a 1/5th model? Powerstar has announced the new PL-6213 HV High Voltage Servo designed for Big Scale Cars.

At operating range of 6.0v the servo pull up to 48kg/cm of torque at a speed of 0.15s and at 7.4v generate 62kg/cm to 0.13s. The PL-6213 HV measure 65.8 x 30 x 57.4mm.

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HRC Racing started the distribution of the 68110DMG Digital Metal Gear servo, especially designed for 1/10th Scale On-Road and Off-Road Cars. The servo features a waterproof case, metal gear, double ball bearings and heavy duty servo horns.

Below the spec of the four models with dimensions, weight, torque and speed at 4.8 and 6.0V.

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