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Futaba during the Shizuoka Hobby Show has presented the new T32MZ FASSTest transmitter for RC airplane and helicopters. The radio has 18 channel with two displays, one is touchscreen for the telemetry data and the other for general display info.

The transmitter uses a FASSTest communication, contactless potentiometers providing long life and high-end accuracy, GPS, micro USB charging and much more. Below the official video from Futaba.

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Futaba announced the new MC970CR Brushless Speed Controller for 1/10 Scale On-Road, Off-Road and Drift Cars. The ESC is made in collaboration with Acuvance and is equipped with a wireless control function.

The MC970CR can change setting data wirelessly using the 7PX radio 7XC equipped with MC link, or you can use the control function of the data set from the transmitter by connecting the attached S. BUS cable (SBM-1).

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Futaba: 4PM Wheel Type Transmitter

After the CAD renderings we posted last month, Futaba officially unveiled the new Middle-Class wheel type transmitter 4PM that will be released in the first quarter of 2019.

This new radio supports Super Response (SR) mode just like Futaba’s flagship model 7PX and the same wireless control function of the MC970CR (and it corresponds to KYOSHO Mini-Z Racer MR-03EVO).  If you combine with MINI-Z ‘s Futaba receiver unit which will be released from KYOSHO, you can control the MINI-Z EVO as you wish.

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Futaba seems unstoppable: the Japanese company has just started teasing us with a new transmitter for RC cars. The new T4PM intermediate level 2.4GHz radio system will be available at the beginning of next year and more information about this product will be available shortly.

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Futaba has started the distribution of three new HPBLS High Voltage S.Bus2 servos for radio controlled helicopters and airplanes. All three have a high response speed, torque and are compatible with gyroscopes.

The servos can use a separate power supply and are not designed to use BEC. Below the features with dimensions, speed and torque at different compatible voltages.

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