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After the announcement a few days ago, Futaba during the Tokyo hobby Shows officially presented the new 7PXR remote control. This high-end transmitter has a 4.3″ LCD backlit touch screen with telemetry, mixing, epa adjustment, sub-trim, brake mixing, ABS and compatibility with T-FHSS, S-FHSS, FASST and S.Bus servo programming options.

One of the most important features is the T-FHSS Super Response transmission system (the fastest ever produced by Futaba). Furthermore the 7PXR has been lightened and thanks to a new weight balance it is even more comfortable to hold. Below the 7PXR promotional video published by Futaba.

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RC Surfer

Kyosho at the Tokyo Hobby Show is showing the 4th release of their RC Surfer Readyset with KT-231P+ transmitter. The model has reinforced stainless shaft rudder and male board rider figure. Buoyancy material inside the surfboard structure and hollow surfer figure with floatation function combines with the auto-recovery mechanism to make the R/C Surfer unsinkable.

RC Surfer 4 Readyset

To begin having fun, simply install the surfer figure onto the factory-assembled surfboard and you are ready to ride the waves without assembly or adjustment as soon as you charge the battery with Delta Peak USB Charger.

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MiniZ MR-03 EVO

The 59th Tokyo Hobby Show is taking place at Tokyo Big Sight, among their new products Kyosho is showing three new MiniZ factory assembled chassis. Two of them are the MR-03EVO SP with different motor 5600KV and 8500KV, and the last one is a MR-03EVO with a 4100KV motor. These chassis are the first MiniZ MR-03 that adopts separate ESC and receiver design, introduced last year from Kyosho.

The MR-03EVO SP is based on the MR-03VE PRO, newly designed to separate receiver cover and front upper arm mount, making tread adjustment easier.

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