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PROTOform have presented the latest in aero performance and styling for 1:10 Nitro from PROTOform: P47-N. The P47 is the next evolution of the IFMAR World Title-winning P37. Featuring all-new aero concepts and some design cues never before seen in the class, the P47 was exhaustively tested by our team to find a body that offers more precise and smooth steering, increased corner speed and forward bite, and additional top speed on long straights.

A raised section of the left side window can be cut out to scoop air into the body for additional engine cooling, and a large high-downforce/low-drag wing complete the design.

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The VBC Racing have announced the WildFireD09 Dynamics Edition. This version is a full option version with 2 upper deck system and 2 chassis and it also packed with all the latest option parts which we used on most our drivers including Top 10 ETS VBC Racing drivers Yannic Pruemper and Lucas Urbain which help them to achieve remarkable results.

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